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With the purpose of launching a new Global division of Cyber Intelligence in the MultiPoint Group, we asked it’s CEO, why it is so important.


“Threat intelligence originated from a need and a promise,” says Ricardo Resnik, CEO of the MultiPoint Group. “The promise was that if we defenders all shared all of the indicators that we all had amongst ourselves, we could make the world a better and safer place.”


“The challenge was: How do we actually do this? When people started collecting data, two things happened that they weren’t expecting. The first is that they got more data than they could handle. No one anticipated the current volumes of external threat data. And the second is that there was a lack of context around that data. But context was desperately needed. Without context, you can’t drive insight that leads to right action. Instead, all you’ve created is overwhelming noise.” – he adds. 

Far beyond the traditional threat intel feed.

  • It’s part of an outcomes-centric approach to reducing risk that fuses internal and external threat, security and business insights that are relevant across the enterprise.
  • It’s contextualized and actionable. This intelligence doesn’t complicate the decision-making process. Rather, it enriches knowledge.
  • It’s designed with a purpose: to enable fast, informed decision-making and effective action.

Historically, threat intelligence was operational. Intel feeds were composed of technical details such as malware file hashes or IP addresses that are associated with malicious activity. This is useful information, to be sure, but needs to be cleaned and curated before it becomes usable within a security program.
All too often, raw threat intelligence feeds are full of irrelevant, inaccurate, redundant or out-of-date information, none of which should guide real-world decisions.

Tactical Benefits for the Threat-Aware IT Leaders

With Threat Intelligence you get first-hand, real time visibility into relevant dark web threats – shedding light on and deciphering hidden events, activities, and threat actors that would typically go undetected and unanalyzed.


Strategic Asset

Today’s most useful intelligence is different. It’s a strategic asset that can guide both high-level executive decisions and operational choices made by security, IT and risk management teams. Its sources are internal and external, technical and human, and global (Cloud) as well as local. The goal is to crystalize value from large volumes of information for the benefit of the business and the security community as a whole; and immediate.

At the MultiPoint Group we have all software tools to protect your enterprise with the best Intelligence and Alerts to be prepared against threats, we distribute vendors like KELA, AT&T Security, ThreatQuotient, Skurio, Wiz and others.

Our Threat Intelligence Solutions

Specialized Outside-in security, tailored for Enterprises

New threats continually emerge from the cybercrime underground, while the sophistication of attacks increases. Your organization is at risk, but the sheer volume of alerts and false positives impedes your team’s ability to know what’s relevant to you, delaying your ability to take immediate protective action.

Digital Risk Protection platform for organizaitons all sizes

Whether you’re concerned about threats to your networks, products, data or people, Skurio’s Cyber Threat Intelligence platform brings focus to threat intelligence, searching only for threats which are relevant to your organisation.


Identify and Remove the most critical risks in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.

Wiz scans the operating system, installed software, and code libraries in cloud workloads —including VMs, containers, and serverless functions—and checks against the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), vendor OVAL repositories, and dozens of other vulnerability databases to match known vulnerabilities to the versions you’re running and prioritize them based on risk.