MultiPoint is a leading distributor of IT security and Internet technology solutions, providing the channel partners in the mediterranean area with reliable, supported solutions from world-leading hardware and software manufacturers. The company was founded by Ricardo Resnik in 2009, as Managing Director and partner. Our values:
  • Value-added sales: Top-level technical support to support their resellers and end customers – pre- and post-sales.
  • Focusing on high-value products: solutions that produce a real solution to real-world problems.
  • Professional and business ethics: Work according to high standards to ensure transparency and security for customers.

Our mission
Cyber Strong IT

By providing solutions for the 4 basics of information security


To protect the organization you must know what exists within the network and what connects to them from the outside.
Moltipoint provides world-leading solutions for scanning the entire network and identifying gaps and vulnerabilities used by hackers


Efficient management of all assets and users in the network, leads to a more secure and durable network and frees up essential resources for critical security tasks. Multipoint provides a variety of IT management solutions that will achieve these goals quickly


Control is the ability to answer the questions about who is approaching, where he is approaching and what he is doing, and then you need the ability to restrict traffic according to the risks and threats to the organization. Solutions for managing permissions, managing access to data and more.


At the core of any organization’s defense strategy must be the most essential defenses – from the first line of defense with malicious code to the last line of defense with backup and everything in between.

Powerful solutions for any size of organization

Multipoint offers solutions for small, medium and large organizations as well as solutions for MSPs Attackers are now looking to attack small and medium-sized organizations with the same threats they carry out against large organizations.
They see these organizations as a gateway to the large organizations they work with or when they hold sensitive information such as IP or when it comes to organizations that develop code through which end customers can be infected. However, small and medium-sized organizations need easy solutions for implementation and management, which will not add high OverHead.
Large organizations today face an increasing complexity of infrastructure, as they are required to protect cloud environments, mobility, IoT, remote data centers and even industrial control systems. For these organizations Multipoint offers comprehensive solutions for protection and control with power

Solutions for Super Admin

IT and information security executives are now required to have a wider control bar than ever before, encompassing cloud environments, mobility, local data centers and industrial control systems.
Multipoint is currently focused on solutions that streamline IT work in the field of cyber protection, expand the control rod, and enable monitoring, control and protection of every area in the organization.

Solutions for MSP

In the SaaS era customers expect a world of smooth work and zero problems. They also expect the same service from their IT services provider. In a traditional method of operation, suppliers receive a report of a problem from the customer, try to understand what it is, and often reach out to the customer in an attempt to solve, often the one who arrives lacks the knowledge or tools to solve the problem. Solving the problem is delayed far beyond what is required, and customers are losing revenue in the meantime.
At Multipoint we offer MSP to go up to the cloud. From the cloud you see things in the distance. With remote monitoring and management tools, it is possible to identify problems even before the customer complains, understand the problem before reaching the organization, and sometimes even solve it within minutes, once you understand what it is.

Multipoint Team Members

Ricardo Resnik
CEO of MultiPoint

Mr. Ricardo Resnik has a long experience in the Value Added Distribution business, working for several distributors in different parts of the world such as Computer 2000 and Techdata. In 1996 founded Renaissance (REL) in Israel, the first Symantec & McAfee distributor in the region, and ran the company for 8 years, until it was sold to Arrow – now Arrow Israel. Later was a founding partner of TrekIT as V.P. of Marketing. Resnik left the company to found MultiPoint in 2009.
Mr. Resnik is a gadget & technology lover, and a Formula 1 fanatic. Married, with 5 children. Has a degree in Electronics Engineering.

Nikos Christakis
Sales Director, Europe

Experienced International Sales & Business Manager. In his previous positions, Christakis served in sales and product management positions for technology companies in the Greek market, including Samsung and Media Markt. Christakis holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Technology of Crete.