Secure everything you build and run in the cloud

Organizations of all sizes and industries use Wiz to rapidly identify and remove the most critical risks in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes so they can build faster and more securely
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What makes Wiz different

The most critical risks surfaced and prioritized instantly
Wiz finds the toxic combinations of cloud risk factors that together create an actual breach path so you can focus on fixing what matters most
Analysis that goes beyond standalone point solutions
Wiz redefines cloud security, combining what used to be addressed by standalone CSPM and CWPP products with our innovative Cloud Risk Engine to reveal effective risk
Agentless coverage of your entire cloud environment
Wiz scans every resource across your entire cloud stack and multi-cloud environment using a 100% API approach that deploys in minutes

How Wiz Works


Perform a deep cloud assessment

Wiz analyzes your AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes stacks, evaluating your cloud architecture and risk factors such as internet exposure, software and configuration vulnerabilities, identities, secrets, and malware.

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities across  your cloud software

Wiz scans the operating system, installed software, and code libraries in cloud workloads —including VMs, containers, and serverless functions—and checks against the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), vendor OVAL repositories, and dozens of other vulnerability databases to match known vulnerabilities to the versions you’re running and prioritize them based on risk.


Agentless scan of cloud configurations and workloads

Wiz uses an agentless approach—a single API connector per AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environment to scan cloud configurations and inside every cloud workload

5 minute deployment

Unlike agent-based tools that take months to deploy and only achieve partial coverage, Wiz connects to your entire cloud environment APIs in minutes. Wiz not only scans cloud configurations, but deep inside every cloud workload

Built for multi-cloud environments

Wiz delivers full feature support across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every Kubernetes flavor so you can enforce consistent policies


Identify the most critical risks in your cloud

Wiz performs a contextual analysis of cloud risks across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every flavor of Kubernetes using a graph database to identify the toxic combinations that make your cloud susceptible to a breach.

Identify the most critical  risks that arise from toxic combinations of issues

It’s not just a single misconfiguration or a vulnerability that creates the most serious risk, it’s usually a combination of multiple problems. Wiz represents all resources across your entire cloud architecture on a graph database, maps the connections created by entitlements and networking, and then layers risk factors such as internet exposure and software and configuration vulnerabilities to identify the toxic combinations that make your cloud susceptible to a breach.


Proactively reduce your risk

Wiz delivers a cloud control workflow across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every flavor of Kubernetes to enable security, DevOps, and engineering teams to focus on the highest risks and proactively harden your cloud environment

Connect Wiz to the tools DevOps and developers use to manage tasks

Wiz connects to ticketing, workflow, SIEM, and messaging applications to surface issues in the tools cloud teams use

And more

Ready for the enterprise

Wiz is built from the ground up to align to customized enterprise workflows while also being easy to implement and operationalize across security, DevOps, and development teams

Proven at Fortune 500 companies

In the first year of the product being available, Wiz is already in use by over 1 in 10 Fortune 500 companies

Meets rigorous compliance standards

Wiz meets the highest standards of security and compliance, and has been certified SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, and HIPAA compliant

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