The Network Functions Platform

Purpose-built systems for hosting virtual networking and security functions with guaranteed performance

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Proven at over 5000 worldwide customer deployments, Array is recognized by leading enterprises and service providers for next-generation technology that takes the guesswork out of NFV deployment and delivers agility at scale.


Secure Access for Enterprise, Cloud & Mobile Environments

With increasing mobility, growing adoption of cloud services and a shift in thinking that emphasizes securing data in addition to securing networks and devices, modern enterprises require a new breed of remote and mobile access solutions. Array’s scalable secure access gateway centralizes control over access to applications, desktops, files, networks and Web sites from a broad range of remote and mobile devices – providing secure connectivity, end-point and server-side security and application-level AAA policies on a per-user basis. Available as physical or virtual appliances, the AG Series is ideal for enterprises that need to support multiple communities of interest as well as service providers that need to provide remote access to globally dispersed data centers.

Enterprise-Wide Secure Access

AG Series physical and virtual appliances are deployed at the network perimeter or in front of business-critical resources to provide secure remote and mobile access for employees, guests, partners and other communities of interest. Array secure access gateways are ideal for consolidating remote and mobile access on a single robust platform to provide end-users with a consistent login experience, ensure consistent access policies and minimize potential attack vectors. Each Array SSL VPN shares a comprehensive secure access feature set, right-sized seat license packs and an option for low-cost business continuity contingency licenses.

Web Application Firewall for Advanced Security

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Web applications are in extensive use in most businesses today. For both public and private sector organizations across many industries, they have become an essential and often preferred method of interacting with employees, stakeholders, customers, and the general public. Web applications provide many benefits, not least is the flexibility and convenience of accessing large numbers of users anytime, anywhere from a variety of devices.

Research shows that 100% of web applications contain vulnerabilities and 85% of tested applications contain vulnerabilities enabling attacks on users. Most vulnerabilities in web applications result from developer errors. Traditional scanners, intrusion detection/ prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and firewalls can’t always detect these advance web application attacks.

Array Networks WAF provides wide-range of protection against all vulnerabilities, zero day attacks and internet attack types that have been recognized by OWASP and WASC, including SQLi, XSS, and XXE, as well as against HTTP Request Splitting, Clickjacking, and complicated client-side attacks (DOM-based XSS). It ensures continuous security for applications, APIs, users, and infrastructure while supporting compliance with security standards including PCI DSS.

Array Networks WAF provides 360⁰ protection with no excuses for web attacks

Continuous, real-time protection

Focus on major threats

Advanced L7 DDoS Protection
Bot Mitigation
Data Leakage Prevention
Proactive defense with 360⁰ protection
Compliance with PCI DSS