Digital Risk Protection

Skurio is an innovative Digital Risk Protection platform that automates searching the surface, deep and Dark Web for your critical business data and potential threats

Digital Risk Protection – don’t stay in the dark

Complex digital supply chains, increased cyber-attacks and additional data protection regulations have left your business vulnerable. Managing Cybersecurity inside your network alone is no longer enough because business-critical data is shared with partners and suppliers.

At the same time, breached data is being shared and traded alongside threats and exploits on surface, deep and Dark Web sites. The result is a potential Digital Risk to your business of disruption, loss of revenue, damaged reputation and more.

Skurio is changing the world of Cybersecurity

Solutions for everyone

We believe cybersecurity technology should be available for every business, no matter how big or small. Our products are safe and secure, powerful, Cloud native, affordable and easy to use – without needing specialist skills or qualifications

Efficiency built in

Stop wasting time on manual searching and follow up – we do the heavy lifting! Automated searches for your data and threats to your business run around the clock. Automated alerts provide actionable insights as soon as information is detected

Essential and integrated

Digital Risk Protection is an essential capability to protect data and detect threats beyond your network. That’s why we’ve made it easy to integrate with open APIs and connectors to IT service management, security applications and more

Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform

Solutions to fit your business need, no matter how large or small, whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your cybersecurity posture

Dark Web Monitoring

with Skurio Digital Risk Protection

Where could your 

business data be?

Discover leaked data and cyber threats
with automated monitoring and notification

Activity on the Dark Web can pose a risk to your brand, your staff, your customers and IT infrastructure. All of
which can impact your operations and your revenue.

Dark Web monitoring from Skurio can support advanced threat-hunting use cases that free or low-cost solutions can’t. By monitoring for a wider range of threats and types of data that are shared or sold, Skurio can help you:

• Investigate data breach and incidents.
• Discover the sale of counterfeit or stolen branded goods.
• Detect attack planning activities.
• Monitor for security vulnerabilities and supply chain risks.
• Develop threat intelligence tailored to your business.

Manually monitoring Dark Web activity can be dangerous. Using company equipment can put your network
and staff at risk if security teams discover illegal or disturbing content or malware. It’s also time-consuming,
requiring skill and experience. So, it makes sense to automate it to improve safety and productivity.


BreachAlert is a secure SaaS solution that helps you identify external threats and breaches specific to your business. It automates manual processes, saving you time and effort, and is easily integrated


Integrate BreachAlert into your security operations center or other security and IT applications in your ecosystem with our powerful open APIs and application connectors

Intelligence as a service

Our team of threat analysts can provide ongoing expertise with an intelligence services package designed to fit your needs, or project-based support when you need it most

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Skurio CTI is a real-time cyber intelligence solution which combines multiple surface, deep and Dark Web sources into a single data feed, providing powerful search, analysis and reporting capabilities