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The first steps in total automation

Move beyond the "Dark Ages"of Manual Network Configuration

LogicVein is here to bring enlightenment to network engineers, and lift them out of the Dark Ages of monotonous and error-prone tasks.

ThirdEye Suite

ThirdEye includes the tools, reporting, automation and integration capabilities you need in a low cost and easy to use package.

With ThirdEye, you will reduce cost, save time, manage your configurations and changes. In addition, be alerted if there are any issues with your devices.


Net LineDancer (netLD) is a sophisticated but simplistic and easy to use NCCM software designed to help network engineers manage the configurations on the network devices (routers, switches, etc.) in their enterprises.


Success Stories

SEGA reduced network configuration management costs by automating configuration of devices overseas.

Config changes can occur remotely now in minutes instead of days
Deployed Net LineDancer as their network configuration manager

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