Local Admin Rights, Managed

Endpoint PAM Executive Summary

Admin By Request’s Endpoint Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution is designed to solve the security and productivity challenges relating to Local Administration rights usage within today’s security conscious and highly distributed enterprises.

  • Employees achieve optimum productivity by utilizing secure methods to safely elevate the every day trusted tasks.
  • IT departments achieve significant time and resource savings as employee requests for elevation are offloaded and routed through streamlined, fully audited, and automated workflows.

Eliminate Local Admin Rights

  • Your users will never know they lost their admin rights
  • No one in IT has to install software or create allowlists
  • Let us show you your future without local admin rights

Enable Secure Remote Access to Servers

  • Eliminate reliance on traditional VPNs and jump servers
  • Authorize users for time-limited access directly from the browser
  • Audit and video record all remote sessions for full visibility

Bridge the Gap

Between security and user productivity

Protection for the Endpoint

Admin By Request is built on the two core principles that form the basis of Privileged Access Management: POLP and JIT.

  • POLP – The Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) is the idea that users should only have the minimum privileges required on their devices in order to perform their job function; i.e., should not have around-the-clock administrator access.
  • JIT – or Just-In-Time access, refers to the idea of allowing users to obtain administrative access only when they absolutely need it. Once their need for elevated privileges is over, so should their admin access on the device be.

At the application level, users and endpoints are protected with multiple security features.

Approval Required for Access

Privileged access is dangerous, and therefore, not a given. You can configure settings so that each user request for elevated access requires approval from an IT admin before the access is provided – the first layer of defense against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Malware File Scanning

Files downloaded from the internet are scanned by 37+ anti-malware engines before running on the endpoint. This is made possible through integration with OPSWAT’s MetaDefender Cloud API. Call it the second line of security in our layered approach – or more appropriately, 37+ lines!

Audited Privileged Activity

Once approval is granted and malware checks have given the all-clear – that’s not the end of the line. All privileged activity the user undertakes during an elevated session is logged in the Auditlog, which can be viewed from within the Admin By Request User Portal. Any significant or suspicious activity, such as disabling services or altering user accounts, can be flagged and alerted.

Gain Admin Rights Compliance

With rapid provisioning of Just-In-Time privilege elevation across your entire workforce. On-board and manage workstations and servers via a user-friendly portal.

Monitor and Audit Behavior

To reveal risky users and assets through thread and behavioral analytics to identify malicious software and prevent data breaches and malware attacks.

Enhance User Productivity

By elevating applications – not users. Delegate privileges based on the user or groups to save time and monetary resources.