Network Protection

Analyze and Destroy persistant threat

ThreatAnalyzer Sandbox

Dig Deep Into Threats

Customizable Environments

Recreate your entire application stack (including virtual and native environments) to see exactly how malware will behave across all systems

Identify Network Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities by observing patterns of malware exploits against your environments.

Behavioral Detection Engine

Detect Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) or behavior associated with unknown malware to proactively identify emerging threats, significantly bolstering signature and string search capabilities


VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer is a dynamic malware analysis sandbox that lets you safely reveal the potential impact of malware on your organization—so you can respond faster and smarter in the event of a real threat. Today’s most devastating security risks are often disguised as legitimate executable files, PDFs, or Microsoft Office documents. One wrong click, and you can seriously disrupt business and rack up massive financial damage. But wouldn’t it be useful to see exactly how that might unfold? You could understand how an attack is constructed—and you could identify which networks and systems are at greatest risk

Now you can prepare for the possibilities without sacrificing security

Analyze and defeat any attack

VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer allows you to intercept and reroute suspicious files—even ransomware and zero-day threats—to a sandbox where they can be detonated in a safe environment, and then analyzed by a machine-learning determination engine. You get the benefit of understanding how would-be attackers think, without compromising your networks.

Use it anywhere

Even the most sensitive organizations—including government security, defense and intelligence agencies—can use VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer with confidence. Run executable files and URLs in a monitored environment to identify targeted attacks, zero-day threats, and other sophisticated malware that evades detection by traditional cybersecurity solutions. VIPRE ThreatAnalyzer is easy to use, and no malware expertise is required to submit samples

Bolster your defenses

Within minutes of detonating a malware sample, you’ll know exactly which system configurations on your network are vulnerable. Respond instantly by isolating those systems and implementing the necessary precautions to prevent data breaches and limit data loss


Cloud-based Threat Intelligence

Dynamic Behavioral Analysis Reports

Detailed analysis of malware samples processed through our labs

Border Patrol Reports

Suspicious or malicious domains, subdomains and IPs

Malware Traffic Reports

PCAP (network capture) files of potentially harmful samples


VIPRE ThreatIQ gives you the real-time intelligence you need to strengthen your cyber-defense and stop attackers cold. Today’s cyber attackers don’t mess around. They’re sophisticated, and they know how to target your business: drive-by websites, phishing emails, ransomware, or even all-out network exploits. Any technique proven to deliver results is fair game—and they’re constantly devising new ways to take you down.

Now you can fight back before they strike

Easy to use

All the threat intelligence in the world won’t matter you if you can’t use it. That’s why ThreatIQ is built on a flexible set of REST APIs that make it simple to ask us about any potential threats you see—individually or in batches

Modern and comprehensive

Blocking a single attack vector won’t work in this era of evolving malware. Use VIPRE ThreatIQ to ensure your security strategy covers every potential point of infiltration. Easily detect activity from all angles—like when malicious websites are visited, when malware is attached to e-mail, and when compromised systems in your environment might be reaching out to get the next tool in the attacker’s exploit kit

Up-to-the-minute data

VIPRE ThreatIQ compiles real-time, global threat intelligence to help you understand where attackers are coming from and how they’re working to infiltrate networks—so you can focus your security efforts accordingly. Tackle known and emerging threats with a constant stream of malicious URLs and IP addresses, suspected malicious files, phishing links and other malware data processed by our labs