Empowering a Secure
Global Workspace

for Enterprises

Enterprise Features Available to Deploy
Instantly on TeamViewer Tensor™ SaaS

Device-Agnostic Remote Access

Empower Your Employees to Work From Anywhere, At Any Time

Global work travel, offsite meetings, or just working from home: give your team access to corporate network files and systems, without requiring traditional VPN.  Completely Secure, Blazing-Fast Remote Connectivity Based on Each Employee’s Network Access Rights

Single Sign-On

Hassle-Free Single Sign-On.
Log In, Work On.

With one less password to remember, you can manage your TeamViewer Tensor™ credentials safely and securely with these popular password managers:

  • Okta
  • Azure
  • OneLogin
  • Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

Comprehensive Activity Logging

Audit User Actions to Detect Risks, Comply with Data Security Requirements, and Improve Support Services

  • Automatically video record all session activity. Record every remote desktop connection, without allowing end users to pause or stop the recordings.
  • Save all session recordings to specified network or local drive location

Large-Scale Deployment

Large-Scale Deployment

Network admininstrators with approved security access can install and update TeamViewer Tensor™ silently on all your corporate computers and mobile devices.

Set TeamViewer Tensor™ up without having to touch or manage every computer or mobile device in person
Employees won’t need to click on pop-up installation prompts or notifications
Leverage existing set-ups to deploy TeamViewer Tensor™ with Microsoft Intune or Baramundi to roll out installations and updates efficiently to hundreds of computers, phones, and tablets.

TeamViewer IoT

Remote Device Control

Whether it’s a remote server, digital kiosk, agricultural or manufacturing equipment, computer, mobile phone, or IoT device, managing and maintaining everything in person isn’t always the most feasible or cost-efficient approach. When you need to connect to systems, machines, and IoT devices, including tiny sensors, TeamViewer IoT allows you to connect securely to any internet-connected device to control it remotely, as though you were the primary user.

It’s like being in multiple places at once. Simply log in to TeamViewer IoT, connect to the system platform, take control, and manage the device, equipment, or machine, as though you were sitting in front of it.