ReSecure prevents threats from entering your organization without the need for detection

How It Works

The ReSec CDR platform processes all files, analyzes the content structure, and rebuilds a duplicate file with no loss of functionality. This “content reconstruction” method isolates suspicious elements and guarantees that all users receive clean and sanitized content, attachments and downloads. Just in case, original content is stored safely outside the network for future reference or analysis.
ReSec’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology has roots in the military cyber-defense industry and delivers the most reliable and robust protection against known and unknown malware threats. ReSec CDR technology has since gained industry recognition and is included in the “Best Practices for Detecting and Mitigating Advanced Threats”, a Gartner report published in March 2016.

ReSecure Technology

See how ReSec’s technology prevents infiltration of malware into your network using CDR

Network Integration

Deployment Options

The ReSecure platform can be deployed within the customer’s network as an on-premise solution without open access to the internet. It can also be deployed in a private or public cloud with secure encrypted data connections between customer networks and the cloud-based solution.
Our cluster-based virtual server solution includes dynamic load balancing to ensure there is never a single point of failure. Each installation is highly scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of email users, high volume FTP and file transfer, and thousands of endpoints. Experience has shown that a small number of servers can process the traffic and capacity of very large organizations.


ReSec delivers reliable, enterprise-grade solutions to prevent a breach of your network, endpoints and data centers


Deliver trusted, secure emails and attachments for on-premise cloud and email services


Block malware penetration via internet downloads and web content


Neutralize malicious files located on external drives, thumb drives and mobile phones


Prevent infiltration of malware from files stored on FTP, file servers and digital vaults

Customer Benefits

ReSec creates a safe and productive working environment with full protection against known and unknown malware threats.

Keep Your Organization Safe

Deliver clean and trusted files including email attachments, web content and files from external drives, digital vaults, and FTP servers.

Enhance User Productivity

Process high volumes of content and ensure rapid delivery without delay or disruption of work activities.

Reduce IT Operation Costs

Deploy an effective cyber-defense solution that runs without costly IT manpower resources.