The Strong Authentication Specialist

Protect your B2B and B2C applications against phishing and credential stuffing. More than 300 major companies worldwide rely on our 2FA and MFA strong authentication solution.

Multi-factor strong authentication (2FA / MFA) protects your customers, employees, partners and data against fraudulent attacks.


91% of cyber attacks start with phishing (source: Trend Micro) with dramatic consequences: theft of confidential information, fraudulent transfers, impact on the company’s brand image, etc.


The increase in identity data leakage and the tendency for users to use the same passwords on different services are fueling the strong growth in credential stuffing attacks (30 billion reported by Akamai in 2018).


The discreet installation of malware (keyloggers) on users’ computers allows hackers to retrieve credentials to spoof accounts and identities.

Hundreds of integrations possible

Salesforce, Google Suite, CyberArk, Azure AD, Citrix, and hundreds of other integrations are available to help you secure all your applications and deliver a unified connection experience to your users.

Secured by inwebo

Integrate inWebo strong authentication directly into your applications via our SDK

Fintech, Healthtech, CRM, messaging, social network: regardless the field of your application and its audience, you can integrate our technology from the design stage with our APIs and our SDK. MFA PHP integration