Let’s make managing your networks, security and communication easier

Software that fits the needs of small and medium-sized business

GFI Unlimited is a growing set of Business-IT essentials for SMBs.
Deploy multiple capabilities for less

GFI Communications

Don’t pay more or surrender your data and privacy for collaboration tools. Get Email, calendar, chat, digital faxing, and archiving that’s easy to deploy and use

GFI Security

Over 40% of hacker attacks target the SMB. Protect yourself and your customers with patch management, anti-virus/anti-malware, an iron-clad firewall and easy-to-use VPNs

GFI Network

Ensure the applications that drive your business run smoothly on your network. Save money by managing your existing bandwidth

Expanding software library of easy, cost effective & trusted solutions that delivers immediate business value.

Delivering the essentials

The GFI solution set focuses on the business-IT essentials of network management, security and collaboration software

While other big-brand suites pair document creation with collaboration, GFI recognizes the importance of security for SMBs

Choose the security functions with the collaboration you need with the ease of one pricing plan

Value for money

A popular business suite with collaboration and document creation applications costs $150 per person per year (and this is not the most expensive option)

GFI Unlimited gives you collaboration and security applications for less than $40 per person, per year

Two GFI products are cheaper through GFI Unlimited than if you bought them separately. With GFI Unlimited, your third and additional products are essentially free

Grows with you

It’s easy to add users, mailboxes or capacity as you grow

Your price point will decrease with larger size deployments

Start with the products that address your organization’s needs

See how you can add other parts of the portfolio to solve other issues while saving you money

All GFI Unlimited products:

Close the door on patch vulnerabilities. Automate patch management to keep your network and applications safe
Protect against email security threats. Get 14 anti-spam filters, 5 anti-virus engines and malware scanning
Store and easily retrieve your files. Archive your emails, calendar, files, faxes with tamper-proof security
Faxing…without the machines. Fax securely from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone
Your firewall to stop hackers. The SMB firewall to detect threats, block viruses and deliver VPN
Secure collaboration tools—for less. Enterprise-style email, calendar, instant message without the high cost
Manage support issues with an all-in-one helpdesk. Support tickets, knowledge base and chat