Foundation of Visibility

Garland Technology ensures complete network visibility by delivering a full platform of network test access point (TAPs) and packet broker products.

Garland Technology is committed to helping increase the value of your network by offering the industry's most reliable, economical, easy to deploy, network TAP, packet broker, and cloud visibility solutions. Garland Technology provides the scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what's important - network visibility.

Network TAPs

Provide Complete Visibility for High-performance Monitoring Solutions

Garland Technology’s network TAPs (Test Access Points) make full duplex copies of network data without affecting network traffic, providing complete visibility and the high-performance, monitoring and security solutions require.

Passive Fiber Network TAPs

‘Breakout’ TAP

Copper Network TAPs

10/100/1000M (1G)
‘Breakout’ TAP

Aggregator Network TAPs

2×1 and 4×1 Aggregation

Regeneration TAPs

1×5 and 1×3 Regeneration

Filtering TAPs

TAP | Filtering | NPB Hybrid


10/100/1000M (1G)
Data Diode | Military Grade

Network Packet Brokers

Purpose-built and Specialized for Today's Needs

Garland Technology recognizes the need for a cost effective solution that allows the flexibility and speed that is required for the networks of the future. Get the advantages of full-featured NPBs at a significantly less cost. We take the approach of providing solutions that are flexible and scalable for future on-demand growth with excellent ROI

Advanced Aggregator

Aggregate | Filter | Load balancing

Advanced Features

Time Stamping | Packet Slicing


Deduplication | Packet Slicing

Tap / NPB Hybrid

TAP | Aggregate | Filter | Load balancing

"Network visibility is not just a set phrase, it’s the foundation of network security. Garland Technology understands this need and develops high quality products to meet the requirements in today’s high-speed and complex networks."

-Timur Ozcan, Neox Networks