WS_FTP® Professional

Secure FTP Client

The FTP Client trusted by over 40 million users

WS_FTP Professionalis the safest and easiest way to upload and download files. It provides SFTP transfers with the highest levels of encryption, is easy to use and customize, and reduces administrative burden

Best-In-Class Security

WS_FTP Professional תומך ב- SSH, SSL ו- HTTP/S. 

Protect files before, during, and after transfer with 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography and OpenPGP file encryption. Use SFTP to authenticate and connect to  servers that require SSH clients that respond to server-defined prompts for authentication, in addition to username

Ease of Use

A customizable display, drag-and-drop functionality and numerous time-saving features make our FTP client incredibly easy to operate

Easily locate and transfer files using integrated Google™, Copernic™ or Windows® desktop search engines. Search by parameters such as file type, size, and date. Use this SFTP client to instantly connect to multiple servers. Drag-and-drop to move any size and type of files between your computer and a remote server, or from one server to another

Easy Administration

Schedule post-transfer actions, such as deleting, moving, or renaming files.

Safely archive your most important folders and files, schedule recurring transfers, and sync to virtually any location, device, drive, or server. Leverage built-in capabilities such as email notification, backup, synchronization, compression, post-transfer events, and scheduling

Powerful Family Connections

Upgrade your file transfer capabilities to meet enhanced business, SLA, security or regulatory compliance requirements. Get more control over critical business processes with our secure WS_FTP Server