Real-time visibility to identify and eliminate your hybrid infrastructure blind spots

  • High-risk cloud instances ranked and prioritized by CVE
  • Security group and subnet configuration vulnerabilities
  • Identification of paths of cloud assets attaching to the enterprise
  • Determination of paths and leaks from cloud infrastructure to the Internet or between virtual private cloud instances

Multi-cloud, multi-account visibility with central roll-up to security operations (SecOps)

Attribute silos of cloud accounts/resources to owner identity/contact

Cloud instance census and visibility integrated with vulnerability assessments for holistic endpoint coverage

Exposure and remediation of hidden sources of risk with extensive visualization and visual analytics capabilities

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Gain real-time visibility into your dynamic infrastructure
including cloud, virtual, physical, software-defined network infrastructure, endpoints, and operational technology (OT)/Internet of Things (IoT). With Lumeta, you can eliminate 100% of your blind spots and monitor changes or unusual behaviors to eliminate any gaps in coverage that may leave you exposed

100% Hybrid Cloud Visibility

Lumeta discovers, maps and alerts on topology changes across the entire hybrid enterprise, including multi-cloud environments. Delivering a holistic view across all of your physical and virtual/cloud infrastructures, Lumeta CloudVisibility provides an authoritative perspective for your enterprise security operations center (SOC) to prioritize issues for remediation and ensure network protection

Real-Time Breach Detection

Lumeta monitors the hybrid infrastructure for telltale signs of nefarious activity and prioritizes findings for investigation and remediation. With Lumeta, your threat intelligence feeds are made actionable to correlate a comprehensive understanding of your enterprise’s active IP address space against known threats as new threat data becomes available, and as new endpoints connect to the network

Identify Leak Paths

Lumeta discovers and monitors every cloud account, network, path and endpoint for changes in real-time to identify new leak paths that are often due to misconfigurations or malicious activity. Lumeta finds inbound and outbound leak paths to the Internet, virtual private cloud, in between network-segmented, firewalled enclaves, or across IoT/OT environments

Recursive Network Indexing

Lumeta uses a unique patent-pending technology to produce a comprehensive network summary that includes a recursively crawling cycle of targeting, indexing, tracing, monitoring, profiling, and displaying a network’s state. Through passive and active methods, you get a view of your entire infrastructure, including cloud instances and assets, as well as all IPv4/IPv6 connections and devices