Integrated Intelligent Observability
Baseline every network and cloud asset. Detect change, anomalies, and assess risk. Mitigate unwanted traffic, Ransomware, DDoS attacks, and Exfiltration. Augment Zero Trust
Eliminate Blind Spots

SecOps, NetOps, and CloudOps can rapidly  determine the origin and causes for changed behavior of the network, network-connected assets, servers, and groups in any size network on Premise and/or in the Cloud. CySight’s Agentless Machine Learning, Predictive A.I. Baselining and Diagnostics, Threat Intelligence, and Micro-Segmentation with integrated Triaging minimize Mean Time to discover and mitigate Cyber and Network risks. Deep Telemetry and Smart metadata allow fine-grained detection, mitigation, accounting, zero-trust monitoring, trackback, and lawful intercept.

20x Visibility

It’s what you don’t see that poses the biggest threats and invisible dangers and you need real visibility to know what you don’t know so you can Rapidly Respond to and mitigate Ransomware, DDoS & other breaches with precision to eliminate the threat and restore operations. Encrypted traffic, and today’s constantly changing application environments, make network security more challenging. CySight stores Big-data in a small footprint that enables unrivaled visibility with a fully Integrated NDR, EDR, XDR, MDR, NTA, DAAS and SIEM with global Geo Analytics, real-time attack maps, and trackback.


Smart Visibility + Extended (XDR) + EndPoint (EDR) Detection + Response (NDR), eliminates Blindspots by providing unmatched Network Visibility and Defense in Depth with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

CySight is an extended network detection and response system with predictive artificial intelligence baselining and analytics that delivers scalable, comprehensive, on-demand, and actionable intelligence about everything that crosses your network.

Big-data global threat intelligence coupled with machine learning, anomaly detection, and automated diagnostics makes use of cost-effective granular flow-based analytics, dramatically decreasing network security and management costs. Run as a stand alone Probe or process Flow protocols; Router, Switch, Firewall, WiFi, Packet Broker, SDN, Cloud, Kubernetes, Kafka, Netflow, IPFIX, sFlow, ixFlow, VeloCloud, AWS, and other extended flow information may be audited completely using CySight.

CySight supports the broadest range of vendors, including KeySight (Ixia), Gigamon, Cisco, Check Point, AWS, and others.

CySight outperforms other solutions in this field, which are only functionally capable of capturing the surface level of network communication netflow records, allowing only limited bandwidth analysis because they are not built to retain the critical flow records found in a typical medium to large enterprise, campus, or ISP.

It constantly keeps its eyes on your Network and Cloud and provides total visibility to quickly identify and alert on who is doing what, where, when, with whom, and for how long. It learns network behaviors and detects and alerts on anomalies and finds hosts conversing with suspect ransomware, botnets, tor, illicit sharing, and more. Scales from the largest to smallest networks in architecture and licensing. Councils, utilities, banking, universities, and all tiers of telcos and managed services. Multinationals, large corporations, ISPs, government, health care, finance houses, campuses, and other large networking infrastructures will particularly appreciate our scaling ability. We look forward to you experiencing why we’ve made many other customer’s lives very easy with our smart alerting and actionable intelligence and the scalable benefits only CySight can provide.