The perfect
PRIVACY SOLUTION for all organizations

Complete privacy in any device

Threat Management
Data Privacy
Leak prevention

Threat Management

Centralized management of all threats and security settings across all major enterprise platforms

Data Privacy

Prevent the collection and transmission of data without permission from any device

Leak prevention

Prevent data loss from endpoints by monitoring all data extraction, from any network

BLACKFOG enterprise​

The solution consists of endpoint agent applications and an enterprise cloud management system. The management system allows you to effectively manage device groups and get a comprehensive view of all the threats and events created at the endpoint.

  • Running alongside security solutions and antivirus and existing Central management system
  • Compatibility with MSP model
  • Integration with SIEM solutions and call management. Plugins are available for Splunk and QRadar


Device Information Security

Data security is now one of the biggest cyber security problems in the world. Tighter regulation and the great responsibility placed on companies create a significant risk for all organizations in the world.

BlackFog Enterprise helps in managing risk through:

  • Data loss prevention based on behavior analysis
  • Reducing the plain exposed to attacks
  • Detailed reporting and analysis regarding attack channel
  • Reducing the cost of regulatory compliance
  • Identify anomalies in network activity related to data extraction

Device Privacy data

BlackFog data privacy features reduce the risk of data loss and leakage.

  • Minimize the risk of data loss through geofencing
  • Reducing the ability to collect data at each endpoint and build a user profile
  • Anonymous user behavior
  • Security of all device data with protection within the device
  • Remote workforce protection wherever it operates

Prevention of internal threats

Internal threats are the fastest growing group of threats in organizations, from employees stealing secrets to industrial espionage.
BlackFog minimizes risks by:

  • Protecting endpoint devices from over 23 million threats.
  • Minimize the establishment of espionage threats (APT) in the network.
  • Out-of-network data port control
  • Threat protection and activation
  • Controlling the exfiltration on the Dark Web
  • Eliminate the ability to launch attacks without files on the network (Fileless)